Personal trainer and nutrition coach based near Wanstead and Snaresbrook tube stations and surrounding areas such as Walthamstow, Leytonstone, South Woodford and Aldersbrook

Hi, I’m Will Canty. I’m a level 3 REP’s recognised mobile personal trainer with a life-long passion for fitness and health. I first began training at the age of 17 although, admittedly, without knowing exactly what I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes but, over time and through experience, research and experimentation I started to understand a great deal more about fitness and nutrition.

Coach Canty
coach canty




I have been training with Will for 7 months now and I can honestly say he is the best personal trainer I have ever had. He is remarkably passionate about achieving the best outcomes for his clients. From Will, I have been fortunate to not only get an intense training session but a bespoke food programme and a Mobile Phone App based exercise regime. This ensures I can meet my full potential not only when I am training with him but also in between sessions. Will is friendly and easy to get along with. His attention to detail and commitment to see great results is what distinguishes him from other trainers. By booking Will, I believe it is one of the best life investments you are making.


Training with Will was really a lot of fun. He started with the basics but, when he realised that I loved boxing and weights, he tailored each workout to include more of both which made each session fun and interesting. The workouts were hard but i was never pushed farther than I felt I could go and it was an amazing feeling to see the progress each week. He prioritises posture and getting each movement perfect before progressing while also teaching you the skills to be able to do it on your own.

He has an in-depth understanding of the body and can customise your workouts if you’ve had previous injuries. I had a small issue with sciatica but after a few weeks of training with Will it really began to subside and eventually I didn’t feel it anymore. Will’s passion for exercise is somehow infectious and definitely helped me with motivation on some days! I would recommend training with will to everyone, especially to those who are nervous about their fitness levels and ability. I have always been intimidated by gyms but was at ease with Will from day one. And now I feel stronger than I ever have


When I signed up with Will I thought I’d be allocated someone that you normally see working people out in gyms i.e. someone who appears to help people do circuits using gym equipment. I have zero motivation to exercise on my own so thought having a PT would help force me to exercise. When I started my sessions with Will I quickly realised he wasn’t the sort of PT I’d seen previously in gyms. He provides a far more holistic service than shouting at you to move onto the next piece of gym equipment.

He’s analysed and advised me on my diet, mood and posture as well. His support has been phenomenal. He helps you take baby steps to improving your health and fitness over the long-term. He gets to understand each of his clients personalities and then tailors his support. He checks in with me during the week to encourage me to exercise on my own and I’ve actually started working out on my own as a result. He’s even helped me to buy kettle bells. I really couldn’t recommend him highly enough! He’s definitely more of a health coach than a regular PT!



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